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canada goose store Only men can serve as bishops in the LDS Church.This all male leadership reflects the LDS Church’s patriarchal culture and theology. It may also undermine Mormon women’s canada goose outlet edmonton ability to have their stories of abuse taken seriously.Mormon bishops are far more likely to be closer to the accused men than they are to the wives who report abuse thanks to the church’s habit of sex segregation in many of its operations. As Julie de Azevedo Hanks, a Mormon and professional therapist in Utah, explained to the Salt Lake Tribune, because bishops attend church classes with other men canada goose outlet niagara falls and often serve church callings together, “it is more likely that the bishop will sympathize with the male.” And in a religious setting where church members seek to exhibit personal holiness and upstanding character to each other, it’s often hard for a Mormon bishop to imagine that the pious, churchgoing man he knows could be canada goose outlet england the abusive monster at home his wife has described. canada goose store

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