My fianc also asked, his dad asked and my aunt asked but everyone told us he was just congested.”They did all his newborn discharge tests before leaving the hospital and we have a little red book from the doctors confirming that his heart, sight, hearing and everything else was fine.”I was only in hospital for one and half days and I really felt like they were trying to get me out of the bed as quickly as possible.”His heart was slowly shutting down and I am so angry that he almost died on me and I did not realise it at the time.”I blame myself now for not pushing them more and demanding that they fix his blue colour before I left the hospital. But I trusted the medics and believed what they told us. They were the professionals so what did I know?”Bridget and John took their new baby home and for two weeks the tiny boy would turn dark blue when he cried a deadly warning sign.Honest mum lists 10 things she hates about having a child with Down syndrome in touching blog postWhen a health visitor came to measure and weigh John at home two weeks after his birth, she noticed that he turned a blueish purple and was struggling to cry as she placed him on the scales.And this observation in May, 2013, probably saved his life.She straight away told Bridget to take her son back to the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine where doctors examined John.”Thank God the health visitor recognised the signs because most babies born with an undiagnosed heart defect die within 12 months and what was to follow would change our lives forever,” she said.”The doctor took one look at him in hospital and brought him into a side room.

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