Waleephorn Surinta

Accounting Manager

When you really pay attention, everything is your teacher


Valeeporn Surinta, is Teloneer’s Accounting Manager, reporting to CFO Somchai Fakchuen

Valeeporn began her work life related to accounting since she stepped out from her university, had experience not only small business segment but also in blue chip companies. As an accounting officer earlier, from days to years, her determination had reached the high designation as an Accounting Manager – she is currently in charge of it at Teloneer, dealing with account payable, receivable, tax plan, quarterly finance report, etc.

Handling the team assignment is one of the exceptional skill that Valeeporn showed to executive members, they admired that she has something suitable for the organization like Teloneer, she shined herself since the beginning in 2017

The company has a long term plan of going public and Valeeporn work so hard on this to manage and set everything on track to make the book ready when the time arrive. As far as she joined Teloneer, their accounting stuff obviously seems clear and transparent.

She loved number and record that why she can handle this kind of work well. Being with Teloneer is one of the highlight spot of her life. The firm had grown very quickly in few years and lot of staffs are young and energetic these excite her to work with. She could show her ideas she wanted by brainstorming during the meeting” Valeeporn said


She earned a Bachelor of Accounting degree from Ramkhamhaeng University.