Supot Hoonyong

Project Director

When nothing is sure, everything is possible


Supot Hoonyong is Teloneer’s Project Director, reporting to Chief Project Officer.

He said that “He worked as part of communication network maintenance and expansion since he graduated from his college. He extremely enjoyed learning new technology that telecom world has been developing in every second.”Several years have passed, now he’s still in this business that he loves the most.

Supot‘s now in charge of managing Telecom project in many specific areas. He travelled across the country and his career background is well-known in this business field. He just started some project in the remote south of Thailand where few people have failed before.

Being member of Teloneer was not surprised him, he worked together side by side with those executive of Teloneer for long and they all knew each other well.

Supot was invited to be part of this company almost the beginning. He had watched how the company grew up and now he himself has to push Teloneer to the peak of the mountain.

Supot earned “Master of Economics degree in Business Economics from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL),” Bangkok, Thailand.

“Bachelor of Engineering degree in Telecommunication from Mahanakorn University,” Bangkok, Thailand.