Nisa Thanonthacharoen

Chief Marketing Officer

The goal is to trust yourself, trust others, and become trustworthy


Nisa Thanonthacharoen is the Chief Marketing Officer of Teloneer and serves on its Board of Director.

The master of selling and customer service, Ms. Nisa (CMOs) the Chief Marketing Officer. She have Marketing experience is and skill when it comes to presentations.

Teloneer with services customer-centric need the CMO’s view to support short- and long-term decision-making. Nisa (CMOs) earn the opportunity to present to the board about contribute to the broader strategic challenges involving the company’s competition, innovation, and core customers.

She explored the role and impact of Marketing experience and presents on the board to overall firm performance. Also she hypothesized that Marketing experience for board members would be valuable given that boards are increasing their focus on top-line growth performance in company,

Nisa, recognized as a “Personal of Marketing” She has worked with many companies and contribute to the creation of the corporate strategy. Represent the voice of Teloneer and build the marketing skills or technology needed to demonstrate value, of our organization to customers. She creating of Telecommunication business presentation in intense work to customers. She creating of s telecommunication services business presentation in intense work to customers. And this is for the even stronger of the our company. In 2022 including also the future.

Nisa has a degree from “Saint Louis College, Bachelor of Nursing Science degree,” Bangkok, Thailand.

“Director Accreditation Program (DAP) [Class of 194/2022]”, Bangkok, Thailand.