Napapat Chaiwateenupa

Chief Financial Officer

If….the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal!


Napapat Chaiwateenupa is the Chief Financial Officer of Teloneer and serves on its Board of Director.

Chief Financial Officer. Napapat (CFO) a person is responsible for the financial management of Teloneer, including planning, budgeting, managing cash flow and risks, and reporting to the board of directors. it’s important to the CFO can help them achieve their desired goals.

She is trying to work hard for responsible for the Teloneer financial strategy, including long-term financial planning, managing risks and capital investments, as well as preparing financial reports to show profitability and other aspects of the Teloneer performance earnings of the company before converting to a public company and being listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Napapat (CFO) is one of the most important members of a Teloneer leadership team. Accounting can be both challenging and rewarding, but not everyone has the patience or skill set needed to excel in this field. She is will give you an understanding of how finances work as well as analytical skills that will be useful in anything business.

She demonstrate hard skills own about CFOs learn through formal education or certification programs. These skills include accounting, budgeting and forecasting together with communicate effectively with their staff team for set clear priorities, keep everyone motivated, and ensure that team work is aligned to the company’s mission, strategy, and objectives.


Napapat has a degree from “Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (RMUTK), Bachelor of Business Administration degree, major in Managerial Accounting.” Bangkok, Thailand.

“Kasetsart University, Master of Accounting degree, major in Accounting Programs.” Bangkok, Thailand.