Abhisit Siriowattana

Procurement Manager

Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself”


Abhisit Siriowattana is Teloneer’s Procurement Manager, reporting to CEO Premkamon.

With experience of human resources and procurement management, Abhisit opened his career path after his first degree of education, working in banking business for many years. Later on, he moved to educational business and many other business leading companies in Thailand.

In 2017, He became member of Teloneer and was responsible for HRM, HRD, PROCUREMENT, Company organization, etc. His interpersonal skill was known for everyone that he could deal with either inter-department or outer-connection; other companies.

Abhisit took the new role as a Procurement Manager in 2018 that was a major turning point in his career. He’s now in charge of expenses control, stock management, logistic system, suppliers handling. All he needed  was to prove himself that he performed well with this role” said Abhisit.


Abhisit holds both MBA and BBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) from Bangkokthonburi University