Isolated Amazon tribe captured in remarkable drone footageIncredible video footage has provided a rare glimpse of an isolated tribe in Brazil’s Amazon. The country’s agency for indigenous affairs, Funai, says it captured drone shots during an expedition last year to monitor isolated communities. Brazil’s agency for indigenous affairs, Funai, said it captured the drone shots during an expedition last year to monitor isolated communities, but only released them now to protect their study.

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buy canada goose jacket Healthscope shares soared as much as 21 percent to a two year high on news of the approach, which marked a return of big private equity deals to the Australian market after a two year slump during the financial crisis.Fund managers described the offer as opportunistic on the part of private equity, saying the bidders were seeking to take advantage of depressed returns in the pathology industry and weak share prices as the industry faces a government fairly lean. If you look at the potential there to break up the business, to sell diagnostics and retain hospitals, there is value there, said Fortis Investment Partners managing partner George Clapham.Healthscope did not name the bidders in the consortium and said it had yet to form a view on the takeover approach, which it described as indicative and non binding.A spokeswoman for Healthscope declined to say when the company would make a further comment on the offer, which came on Thursday after the market closed.Representatives of Carlyle and TPG did not return calls seeking comment.The offer, at A$5.50 per share, values Healthscope at A$1.74 billion ($1.6 billion) and its shares jumped to a high of A$5.45, the best level since April 2008. Shares closed up 17.3 percent at A$5.28, on turnover nearly eight times the average volume over the past 30 days.Private equity firms have Canada Goose Parka shown an appetite for healthcare businesses in the past, since they have good cash flows, stable returns and favorable demographic trends.Australian private equity firm CHAMP private equity is currently in the process of canada goose factory sale selling its Healthcare Australia (HCA) business, the country largest nursing and aged care staffing business, which could go to a trade sale uk canada goose outlet or initial public offering.BACK IN ACTION Private equity firms have been sidelined in terms of acquisitions in Australia for two years as the global financial crisis took its toll on the ability to borrow, and they are sitting on billions of dollars of untapped buy canada goose jacket funds.However, activity has picked up in recent weeks with two local private equity firms Pacific Equity Partners and CHAMP among the firms in the second round of bidding for pallet maker Loscam, sources told Reuters, in a deal that could be worth up to A$700 million.Healthscope itself was in talks to acquire an aged care business, canada goose store Arcare, in February for about A$200 million but abandoned the plan, reportedly after opposition from key shareholders.Sources said Credit Suisse and Macquarie Bank were advising the TPG/Carlyle consortium, while Goldman Sachs JBWere was advising Healthscope buy canada goose jacket.