Perth Sheriff Court. Picture taken by staff photographer Richard WilkinsGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeA Perth man bombarded his childhood sweetheart with emails, telephone calls and nocturnal visits in a bid to resume their 14 year, on off relationship.But when she said no 29 year old William Hutton “overstepped the mark”, according to Sheriff William Wood.His behaviour led to the ground worker, of Cairns Place, Tulloch, being jailed for 15 months at Perth Sheriff Court.The court was told that a two year non harassment order had been imposed in September 2017, banning him from approaching or communicating with Cheryl Taylor.But he admitted that in March and April at Culdeesland, Methven, he engaged in a course of conduct which caused her fear or alarm.He turned up at her home during the night uninvited and began banging on doors and windows.Depute fiscal John Malpass said the woman had gone to bed about 10pm on March 16 but was awakened by Hutton knocking on the bedroom window and front and back doors about 12.30am.He shouted “It’s the police” but she recognised his voice and telephoned his sister, asking her to pick him up.He continued to knock on the door and she contacted the police as she was becoming alarmed by his conduct.She later received a number of emails stating that he wanted to get back with her and wanted to treat her on her birthday.More than two dozen emails followed over the next few days, one of them with a photograph of himself attached.When police went to Hutton’s home there was no reply but they could hear of someone moving about inside.”Officers were concerned for the accused’s welfare and the council were contacted,” said Mr Malpass.When they got in Hutton was found lying on his bed. His mobile phone was seized.Solicitor David Holmes said Hutton had decided not to have anything to do with Ms Taylor but she had contacted him and they had met “on a number of occasions.”He added: “They were very much in a relationship.

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