Just remark then, that compilation on constrained environment is somting very niche, as /u/johnklos mentioned in his post.It might be the case that compiling rustc is memory intensiveAs I known, any big projects is greedy on memory, you will not be able to compile LibreOffice with 32M of ram, I also believe it will be impossible even for somting like FreeBSD/linux kernel. In the big picture rust is very similar to C++ except that the compiler actually enforces some very simple to follow rules that every sane coding standard for C++ will contain to begin with. I not saying that this isn a good thing, it definitely is, but when I read the common arguments that rust proponents make why it should be better than C++, my reaction is usually something along the lines of “I didn have that problem in ages” which is not because I super intelligent or anything, but because I can follow some very basic rules.And since you mention heartbleed: In spite of extremely popular opinion, heartbleed was technically not really a memory corruption bug and COULD be implemented in Rust without unsafe blocks: The memory accesses were (almost) always within the bounds of the allocated array and thus perfectly well defined.

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