That number was then compared to the average number of homicides annually from 2012 to 2016 to calculate annual caseloads per detective. Two cities New York and Philadelphia declined to disclose the number of homicide detectives, and two others provided only current staffing levels.While there is limited academic research about the correlation between detective caseload and homicide arrest rates, a 2008 FBI study concluded that departments whose detectives had fewer than five cases a year had higher arrest rates.”Any city that has a homicide detective handling more than five cases is kidding themselves,” said Vernon Geberth, who wrote the textbook used by many police departments to teach homicide investigation. “Even the best detective can’t handle more than five cases.”The Post analysis found nine departments in two categories that were exceptions to the overall pattern indicating a relationship between caseload size and arrest rate.In five of the nine cities, detectives had lower caseloads but also had among the lowest arrest rates Pittsburgh, Miami, Denver, Buffalo and Chicago.Chicago had the worst arrest rate of the 50 cities surveyed 24 percent of killings led to an arrest.The department hired additional detectives in recent years, bringing its total number of homicide investigators Cheap jordans shoes to 208 and the caseload down to 3.1 Cheap jordans shoes killings per detective.Kevin Graham, president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, said the department has struggled for years because Chicago had been down about 100 homicide detectives due to retirements.”We’ve lost a lot of experience and knowledge in Cheap jordans shoes the department that hasn’t been passed on to these new officers yet,” Graham said.ARREST RATEDepartments with lower caseloads tended to have higher arrest rates, while departments with higher caseloads tended to have lower arrest rates 39 of the 48 departments fell within that pattern.Tulsa police handled an average of 5.6 killings a year but made arrests in 68 percent of homicides from 2012 to 2016.Chicago police made an arrest in 24 percent of all homicides despite having detectives handle three cases per year.Caseloads are per homicide detective.

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