Teloneer Co., Ltd. is a telecom solutions provider dedicated to the finest engineering and IT. We deliver planning, installation, commissioning, as well as project management for GSM/WCDMA/LTE network, broad-band wireless access network, network management system and broadcast facilities. We have earned an international reputation for excellence in both engineering and project management. We have been always keen to develop and deliver excellent business solutions, aiming to end-use revenue, enhance satisfaction, and provide a real competitive edge for its customers. The company also serves system analysis, solution design, full turnkey implementations for medium and large scale telecom projects, presales support, maintenance, training and consultancy.


           Our members and staff of engineers are professional with proven years of experience in the telecom and IT industry. Most of us were hired by the telecom major vendor in varied country handling all area of the telecom Networks.

           Founded in 2001 as a group of freelancing consultant contracting worldwide. After years of success,2012, Teloneer has been established in Thailand. Headquarter is located at the centre of Bangkok and would be responsible for tasks across the country and Asia pacific.

Nature of Business

  • Nature of Corporate business
    Teloneer is an engineering and support service company for mobile network industry  such as GSM, WCDMA, LTE, and so on. We provide intelligent solutions and advisory services for the network implementation, network site build, network transmission management systems and network planning.
    We have team of expertise at Radio Access Network (RAN), Radio Network Planning (RNP) and Civil Work Solutions (CW). Our crews have been working for the mobile network setting up worldwide.
  • Short Term Objectives
    Our intention is to launch our business in the most cost effective way in order to arvhieve the greatest market penetration. This will be achieved by beginning with connecting the majority mobile service provider in Thailand.
  • Long Term Objectives
    When our business has become a fully established success in Thailand, we will be looking towards expanding business internationally which opportunities are still wide especially in ASEAN market group.

Stakeholders Engagement

           To communicate with and to hear from our stakeholders -The people who can affect our business or who are affected by it, is mandatory and important to help the company understand their views and explain our purposes as well as perspectives.

          We classify our engage processes to suit each different stakeholder group

Stakeholder group How we engage
Shareholders We arrange quarterly meetings to understand their concerns about sustainability risks and help company identify potential future issues.
Employees We gain feedback from employees on how we’re doing through our annual people survey, as well as engaging informally through internal communications channels and regular meetings with managers.
Suppliers We work closely with suppliers to ensure they maintain high standards by conducting assessments and holding workshops to help them improve. We also collaborate with key network suppliers to help us competitive in the wide market.
Enterprise customers We work with our enterprise customers to help them meet their sustainability needs. Partnering with them will also play an important role in helping us to deliver transformational products and services. It will support us in creating commercially viable services with sustainability benefits that can be scaled up and rolled out across different markets.
Governments and regulators Teloneer engages with regulators and governments on a wide range of issues relevant to our business and contributes to consultations on sustainability issues.
Communities We consult local people to help us understand and address any concerns they may have with the deployment of our network in their communities.