When I met with Rebecca, she was adamant that everyone got straight As, and that she would, too. She would come to my office crying on the rare occasions when she earned a B plus. This was middle school, and I worried that the higher stakes in high school would send her into a tailspin.

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Now, were they upset about the fruit itself? No, not really. What they were upset about was loss. It didn’t matter what the object was. They put together a food drive to be able to help support our local food pantry. The drive started with an expectation of around 250 nonperishable items to hand off during this holiday season. As the food drive started they quickly realized that 250 items was going to be a significant understatement for this hockey community’s compassion during the 2018/2019 holiday season.

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Christie married archaeologist Max Mallowan in September 1930 and became his artefact photographer on his many digs in Syria and Iraq. She did not say “the older the wife of an archaeologist, the more interesting she becomes to him”, though it is often attributed to her. Those expeditions would influence her writing greatly in Death on the Nile, Murder in Mesopotamia and Murder on the Orient Express.

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